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Scrap Car Removal Surrey

                Free Scrap Car Removal for Surrey Plus CASH FOR JUNK CARS IN SURREY BC.

At Scrap Car Removal Surrey ca We can offer Cash For Cars Trucks and Vans in Surrey bc 604-375-0781
We At Scrap Car Removal Surrey will come to you and removal that old junk vehicle at no cost to you .Plus we pay cash money on the spot for your damaged broken or just junk cars trucks vans .
We can offer some specialty removal service .If your scrap car is in an underground parking lot ,we can get it out safe and damage free. If that old junk car truck or van has no wheels ,no problem. We have flat deck tow trucks, that can remove that vehicle that have no wheels or missing parts  .

Our fleet of tow trucks and professional recovery tow truck drivers are safe and fast  . We are not your fly by night scrap car removal service in surrey .We are your #1 scrap car removal surrey .ca . We have been around and servicing the people of surrey for over 20 plus years and we are a trusted team of vehicle removal service for surrey  .

If you call our scrap car buyers service team .We will offer you cash for that scrap car in surrey ,In the competitive and fluctuating market of metal prices, we can offer you top cash  .Our quote's are depending on the condition and the type of junk vehicle you have . What we can promise you is , we will guarantee our price quoted as long as your vehicle is accurately described. Plus you get free junk car tow away service in surrey bc.
 And getting free money for that old scrap car thats just sitting in you driveway collecting mold, rust or just looking ugly.

So Call Scrap Car Removal Surrey ca to get paid cash for that junk car asap please call  604-375-0781 and one of our team will be happy to help get that junk car. and we will get it out of your house or business .You can send us an email if you just need some info or an offer for that vehicle and we will be help  to book an appt .Our turn around for the car pick service in Surrey b.c is 2hours to 24hour .

We will  work around your busy schedule so please call Scrap car removal surrey bc at
604-375-0781 and get cash for cars surrey bc


So, you would like to have that old junk car picked up and towed away for scrap. Well we are and junk car towing company to help you in your vehicle junking process. One call does it all call jay at 604-3750781.

With and market of scrap metal a trading stock and as it does go up and down, we cannot always offer cash for your junk car. But the world heading in to a more of a recycling world and price of recycling metal often and price are ok to offer our customers some cash money for the old broken-down car.

To get you free estimate call jay at 604-375-0781 for you quote he will be happy to help you.

Some of the information we would like to know is what is the year, make, and model of the vehicle in most cases the offer is over on the phone. In some cases, we will come and have a look to see if we can sell parts from your car or if it is rebuilt able.

Are work with some of the major auto recyclers in the lower mainland and we know what are the vehicles they are looking for.

We work with local Canadian owned companies and have pride in their work in recycling metal to have the lowest impact on the environment. Because we only have one plant.

We are a small local business and we are based in surrey but we travel the lower main land removing scrap cars for homes businesses and even on the side of the road if your vehicle broken down while you were on your way to work. We can meet you at the broken-down car and tow it away our tow truck driver will remove your license plates for you so you can cancel your vehicle insurance.

did you have a car accident and it just not worth fixing it or you just don’t have the time to have it repaired. And would like to sell you damaged car we can pay cash for smashed up cars. If icbc denies you insurance of the accident or you just do not want your insurance to go up. Sometimes it the easy way to just scrap it. Our tow truck can pick up damaged vehicle no problems

Our junkyards are looking for newer cars and truck new then 2010 so if you have a newer truck or car damaged or with broken engines or slipping transmission that are just too costly to fix we can offer you cars for cars in surrey and Langley if it’s in Vancouver we can go there too.

how we determine the value of your scrap car there are a few factors the weight of the junk car is the big one and a few small that can at to is if there is a vehicle battery and if there are vehicle aluminum mag wheels on it

So, you’re looking for to have your old junk car removed for scrap we are here to help you recycle your vehicle. We at junk car towing & scrap car removal service will recycle your old junk car we service all of the lower mainland and with our fleet of tow trucks we can sometime pick up with 2 hours is your car better not a scrap car and you just have no time to sell your vehicle we may be able to pay cash for your car truck or van. please fell free to call us at 604-3750781 and see if we can pay cash for your car.

Some if the city we service are Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, White Rock, Richmond, Delta, Ladner, Mission, Maple Ridge, Pitt meadows.

Do you have a dodge caravan ford Windstar Honda civic Volkswagen Jetta golf diesel truck Passat Audi a4 a6 a8 BMW 320 f150 f250 f350 ram1500 4×4 is that old dodge neon just need to go call jay junk car towing 604-375-0781

We love scraping full size e150 e250 and e350 for vans is that piece of %$^7 just got to go call us all ways looking for Toyota Camry Nissan pathfinder gmc 1500 ½ ton truck s10 and jimmy too and don’t forget the Tahoe or Yukon got a suburban to scrap or the best a ford explorer and a ford turus

Got to scrap that Chevrolet cavalier or Pontiac sunfire sunbird have a g5 or g6 to scrap call jay at a junk car towing for Langley 604-889-4470 is that cobolt just a junk car is that transmission blown in your impala or kia rio astro van we pay cash for clunkers Langley some time

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Scrap Car Pick Up in Surrey

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if you need to know how to junk a car call us .we will be help to walk you though the presss  Got a Junk Car We Pay Cash for Cars In Surrey bc call us today get cash today .

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